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Nolet Pratt – Competition Cocktail

Although the posting to reflect on the entire experience of the competition itself, here is the recipe for my cocktail, the Nolet Pratt, which won second place on Tuesday night in the National Barchef Competition. The Nolet Pratt cocktail was … Continue reading

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Almonds & Orgeat

Did you ever have a Mai-Tai and think, “holy shit, this is the best drink I’ve ever had….” well, you’d only think that if you’re into well-made “tiki” cocktails most likely, but there’s that distinguishable flavour in the glass that … Continue reading

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A Ginger Beer Bonanza

I had to fight to get on CityTV’s Breakfast Television, not because I suck, but they aren’t really interested in “cocktails” and booze – one of those things I suppose they’d like to avoid promoting at 7:00am, which makes tons … Continue reading

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

by Lauren Mote (all photos by the gifted Melissa Gidney of Melissa Gidney Photography) Although completely inspired by Lewis Carrol’s book, the adventures shared on June 06 were hardly of a predictable fashion. In fact, take the concept of Alice … Continue reading

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American Whiskey – Ambrosia of the Common Wo/Man.

by Lauren Mote The hallmark of contemporary spirit distillation in the United States is arguably the most delicious – American Whiskey. Its history has not been extremely well documented, but nonetheless a significant timeline, coinciding with a rich American history, … Continue reading

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A MyPressi Experiment

Mark Prince – more commonly known as the “Coffee Geek” – invited me over to the CoffeeLab to check out this new little contraption he was loaned for demos and reviews. The little guy is called the “MyPressi”. Its slogan … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day + Whiskey = Love.

The second installment in the Refinery’s whiskey seminar series is a definitive look at Bourbon Whiskey. As it has claimed many people’s hearts in the past, let us indulge your palates on Tuesday February 2, 2010. What better host than … Continue reading

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Boozing – The Christmas Cocktail Edition.

by Lauren Mote Here is a list of delicious contemporary and “spins” on classic cocktails perfect for the holidays. 1) Best noggin’ your eggs have ever seen: Single Serving: 1 cold organic whole egg 2 oz 35% cream 1/2 oz … Continue reading

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Cointreau Competition at Pourhouse, Gastown.

by Jay Jones, ( November 9, 2009 at 11:45 pm · Similar Stories in Cocktail Culture, Competitions, Downtown, Jackie Connelly, Jay Jones Bartenders are fiercely proud of what they do. It’s not a job, or a career, and much … Continue reading

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Blend like the Best: Taste Magazine Feature

by Lauren Mote Age old tactics, ones that seemed to fade in and out with time and technology, find themselves creeping back into bars across North America. Gin, our rising star, and one of the primal spirits in classic cocktails, … Continue reading

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