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The “un-edited” version: Toronto & BarChef

One of the coolest experiences in a bartender’s career is the ability to reach beyond the bar. You may be lightning fast with your head down during a Friday night well service, or you might be the best at pumping … Continue reading

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Nolet Pratt – Competition Cocktail

Although the posting to reflect on the entire experience of the competition itself, here is the recipe for my cocktail, the Nolet Pratt, which won second place on Tuesday night in the National Barchef Competition. The Nolet Pratt cocktail was … Continue reading

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The Vegan Diaries: #5

And who says you can’t really fall in love with food “sans viande”? Well a little world travel in your kitchen is a cool place to start… Though how do we get “kitchen inspiration”? Personally, I get a little bizarre … Continue reading

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

by Lauren Mote (all photos by the gifted Melissa Gidney of Melissa Gidney Photography) Although completely inspired by Lewis Carrol’s book, the adventures shared on June 06 were hardly of a predictable fashion. In fact, take the concept of Alice … Continue reading

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The “Ultimate” Food Science.

You’d think that food science IS the only science in such a broad category, but I disagree of course. We breakdown the sciences into appropriate chapters, similar to Harold Magee’s teachings and tutorials in his book. Having read “On Food … Continue reading

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Raw Carnage: Continuity

I celebrate 2 months now – 2 months since food was cooked or caramelized above 115C. Remember how I explained that falling off the wagon from time to time happens? Well, let me share a small story with you: falling … Continue reading

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Raw Carnage: The Theory.

Over the last several weeks my boyfriend and I have been eating a “raw” or mostly uncooked diet. After being severely ridiculed by friends and family for a random choice in diet change, I can now explain why it’s great, … Continue reading

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Can you put a price on passion?

I thought I’d share something more personal than professional – just to show my readers that I am more human than artificial. Sounds crazy, but if you don’t tear up even a little after reading this, it’s you who may … Continue reading

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