The Cocktail Kitchen Series

The Refinery, known for having one of the most innovative cocktail programs in Canada, is now proud to launch a six month interactive and educational competition called “The Cocktail Kitchen Series”. Due to launch on July 8th 2010, “The Cocktail Kitchen Series” aims to promote niche craft cocktail development, through the expertise of Vancouver’s best veteran and up and coming bartenders who have demonstrated creativity and leadership in their craft. Only the true ambassadors to cocktail culture need to read further.

Here is the premise of the program:

Each month, a bartender is paired with a different spirit, and a different country – this will be repeated 4 times a month with a different bartender each Thursday. Guests are invited to come down and experience the interactive teachings of the featured bartender, who will attempt to effectively pair the featured country’s menu, with a set of three cocktails using the featured base spirit. Plus, there’s another spin: the bartenders will shop at The Refinery – it is mandatory that each cocktail include a Refinery house bitters. One week prior their Cocktail Kitchen, the bartender will be able to score 1 oz x 3 types of bitters/vermouths/tinctures available at the Refinery for cocktail testing. The Refinery’s Bitters Program inventory currently sits at 19 types.

Concept & Rules:

3 cocktails, submitted at least 48 hours in advance – including methods, names, recipes
the cocktails will be paired to the featured 3 course tapas-style dinner, the menu of which bartenders will know about 1 week earlier
each cocktail must include a Refinery bitters/vermouth/tincture
each Thursday, guests will be given a score card, rating the bartender in the following criteria:
* Originality
* Delivery: Knowledge, Speed, Presence, Showmanship, Inspiration, Passion
* Grand Prize each month
bartenders will change monthly, giving most an opportunity to participate in the program
bartenders will be given a bar tab just for participating, and gift from the monthly liquor sponsor
the winning bartender will be invited back to participate the following month during week 4
the end of the sixth month, and seemingly covering 6 different regions/countries and spirits, the bartender with the most wins will receive a grand prize trip, location and premise still to be determined by owners RAY, PETER and RYAN of The Refinery)
this is a 6 month long promotion and contest – BUT we do not take time off – we keep going every 6 months


$30 per guest (Includes tax and gratuity)
28 seats available each week. Tickets are available through the Refinery by calling 604-687-8001
The intention is to sell out every week, and judging that 85% of our liquor sales are craft cocktails!


– July 2010 – Region: CENTRAL AMERICA
– August 2010 – FRANCE
– September 2010 – Region: SOUTH EAST ASIA
– October 2010 – ITALY
– November 2010 – THE WEST INDIES
– December 2010 – INDIA
– January 2011 – Region: EASTERN EUROPE
– January – June 2011 – Countries and Spirits to be determined


July 08, Week 1: LAUREN MOTE (The Refinery)
July 15, Week 2: COLIN MACDOUGALL (Blue Water Cafe, The Pourhouse)
July 22, Week 3: DAVID BAIN (West Restaurant)
July 29, Week 4: BEN DE CHAMPLAIN (The Refinery, West Restaurant)

In the last year, we have had over 40 articles written about The Refinery and our specialties, above and beyond plain old business listings. We urge you to check out website under “Press” to see for yourself how representing your bar/restaurant with the Cocktail Kitchen Series at The Refinery is best for business. Each week we will have 2 different media personalities in attendance, as well as a film crew and photographer. The press releases we write are reaching more than the low-hanging fruit of Scout Magazine and Urban Diner for local restaurant industry news. We also do radio segments, TV spots, and reach a broad range of national and international publications, not to mention the persuasive and domineering food and beverage blog industry here and across the globe. As a bartender, this is an excellent avenue to raise your profile in the municipal and national community.

Additionally, if you are a bartender reading this, and wondering how you can get involved, please email Lauren Mote at . Subject should read: “Cocktail Kitchen Series Bartender” – copy and paste the following into the body of the message, and fill out the questionnaire – we are booking in advance up until January 2011.

Full Name:

Which Bar(s)/Restaurant(s) are you representing?

How long have you been in the Industry?

Please include a short 250-400 word bio about yourself:

What’s your bartending style?

Do you have a preference of which country and spirit you’d like to be paired up with in a perfect world?

Please include a pic of yourself!

About Lauren Mote

Lauren has been an intricate part of the food industry for many years. Whether it’s behind the bar, in the kitchen, tasting and learning about wine, or sitting with her laptop writing food stories and reviews at the local coffee house, it was clear at an early age that Lauren’s professional and personal life would be completely consumed by the joy and passion of edibles.
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  1. Lidbin says:

    Sounds like an interesting event to experience. I am impressed yet again Mote!

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