The Pesto.

This crazy pesto I made, that is completely raw, and completely vegan was used as a spread, a sauce, a dressing, hair gel and face mask (the last two are optional..). Ha.

As usual, no measurements, just giv’er ’til it feels good:

fresh basil
fresh kale (remove spines)
hemp seeds
pumpkins seeds
sunflower seeds
olive oil
almond butter

Check out these pics for some applications:

About Lauren Mote

Lauren has been an intricate part of the food industry for many years. Whether it’s behind the bar, in the kitchen, tasting and learning about wine, or sitting with her laptop writing food stories and reviews at the local coffee house, it was clear at an early age that Lauren’s professional and personal life would be completely consumed by the joy and passion of edibles.
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3 Responses to The Pesto.

  1. Raj says:


    This Vegan thing… It’s gotta go. Substitute almond butter with bacon grease then you’re all good!

    • Lauren Mote says:

      ok, you know raj, bacon grease is great for my hair and complexion, but for ingestion, i prefer food over motoroil.
      hah! would it make you feel better to know i just had a giant bowl of ramen, chicken and veg? see, once in a while i spilt for the best.

  2. Raj says:

    Kale… fried in Bacon grease, MAYBE!

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