Casual Italian hits 4th: Trattoria Italian Kitchen

by George Froehlich

Trattoria Italian Kitchen, in the heart of Kitsilano, is sleek, sexy, and stylish and serves some of the best Italian food in town.
This is the place where you can have a great meal,  be served by a knowledgeable wait staff and eat in surroundings that are upscale and quite downtown, even though your final bill will be small town and reasonable,  quite reasonable in fact.
At the end of the evening you will leave Trattoria saying, “That was a wonderful meal. We will be back.”
And indeed, we have been back several times.

Dining Room Trattoria

Dining Room Trattoria

Trattoria’s menu is the same all day, a smart move to say the least. Our first choice – an Antipasto Misto platter.
This  excellent combo of little nibbles and bites consisting of eggplant parmigiana,  grilled lamb sausage, forno roasted clams, Kobe meatballs, tiger prawns, osso bucco crochette, forno roasted clams, caprese salad and calamari with spicy tomato sauce, was  a standout. We especially loved the baked clams with slightly spiced breadcrumb sprinkling,  a contrast of crunchy and soft,  the amazing Kobe meatballs (the taste of this wonderful beef was evident) and those little nuggets, osso bucco crochette. Grilled lamb chops were succulent, the meat tender, with a hint of lemon and the pesto, the perfect antidote to the acidity of the lemons. Dessert was a warm chocolate torte with a pistachio gelato, rich and decadent, the chocolate not overly sweet, and the somewhat bitter taste of the cocoa lingering on.

Meat and Fish Platter

Meat and Fish Platter

All in all, a superb meal.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen

1850 4th Ave W, Vancouver (604) 732-1441
Open Weekdays 11:30am-12am; Weekends 10:30am-12am

George Froehlich has more than 35 years media experience abroad and in Canada. He is an avid cook, art collector and world-wide traveler. New York still is his favourite city. For more than two years he has been producing the Savvy Insider, a funky, eclectic newsletter that’s all Metro Vancouver and what makes it one of the great cities of the world. Check out his site, and stay bookmarked to Poivre Media for weekly “edible” anecdotes from George.

About Lauren Mote

Lauren has been an intricate part of the food industry for many years. Whether it’s behind the bar, in the kitchen, tasting and learning about wine, or sitting with her laptop writing food stories and reviews at the local coffee house, it was clear at an early age that Lauren’s professional and personal life would be completely consumed by the joy and passion of edibles.
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