Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

by Lauren Mote

The short excursion to Burrard and 1st st. was completely worth it. It was a chilly afternoon, and John and I were severely underdressed for the weather. We needed food, hot good food, and we needed it now.

We pop into Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., of which we have both heard a lot about. We take a seat near the kitchen, in fact almost next to the wood-burning oven to get nice and toasty again.

The servers are pleasant and knowledgeable, and appease John and I by giving us some background information on the company.

We order our lunch. John and I both start with a salad. Mixed greens with a nice vinaigrette for both, and the addition of avocado to mine.

As we wait for our entrees, we cannot help by find ourselves looking around at the “kid-friendly” decor, not pretentious at all, it’s like you’re at a mountain lodge daycare actually. Interesting anecdotes fill the walls. Old Haida sayings, food sayings and sayings about the importance of living a “green” lifestyle – fresh organic, locally grown meats and vegetables, fair trade products, etc.

My chicken noodle soup arrives, with real chicken breast, a flavourful broth, big noodles, and a ton of parsley. It really hit the spot. Not too big, not to salty, just perfect for me. John’s chicken melt sandwich, one of their signature lunch items, is spicy, juicy, flavourful and filling. It comes with lots of chicken, spicy sauce, lots of cheese and lovely fresh bread.

To conclude the meal, just because it was cold outside, we shared a chocolate caramel brownie, with whipped cream and ice cream, a kid-favourite in all of us, with a couple of espressos.

We ate for under $35, now that’s a great lunch. Great food, service and price. My only qualm would be reserving a table for a Monday night dinner, and upon arrival, learning that it’s “make your own pizza” night for children. Not the ideal date spot I guess.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

1876 West 1st ave.

Vancouver, BC


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About Lauren Mote

Lauren has been an intricate part of the food industry for many years. Whether it’s behind the bar, in the kitchen, tasting and learning about wine, or sitting with her laptop writing food stories and reviews at the local coffee house, it was clear at an early age that Lauren’s professional and personal life would be completely consumed by the joy and passion of edibles.
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